CMR to expand social services after Child Welfare closure

CMR East London has grown its staff and is widening its reach into several new areas in the greater East London region as the organisation works to deepen the social services it provides.

This is in response to recent developments around Child Welfare East London, which has resulted in all services previously rendered by this agency being suspended.

CMR East London has absorbed some of Child Welfare’s staff, and will take over its child protection services in Parkside, Pefferville, Parkidge, Duncan Village, Gompo and Cambridge Township, among other areas, CMR East London Manager Gaye Moonieya said.

“Our primary goal over the next few months is to ensure that there is no interruption in service and that no-one falls through the cracks.

“The children of Buffalo City deserve to be safe, nourished and cared for. The entire CMR team is working hard to ensure that we reach even the most remote and most neglected areas in East London, and that every person in need of social assistance is heard.”

CMR was established in 1955 and provides child protection, prevention and early intervention services, aiding children and families in East London.


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